I am Rabi’a , born in Holland during the war, one of 8 kids . My family immigrated in 1958 and I arrived in Canada on my 15th birthday. Early in life I easily fell in love with colours . Graduating from crayons to batik to watercolours to stained glass .Each step a life changing experience . A few years ago I was introduced to mosaics, this changed my life big time- enough to send me to Barcelona to see the work of a master of mosaics, the late Anthony Gaudi. Now nothing is safe from my lusting eye – rocks, walls, rusty bits of metal, dishes, tiles, ploughshares, mirrors, windows, bowls , pots and an occasional kitchen sink. Most of my materials are recycled. Scrap metal yards are a favourite source of treasure. As the beginnings of my mosaics are dictated by the whims of the universe, what rusty bits of industrial metal catches my eye, every piece is unique, not a chance to be repeated. I am incorporating clay sculpture in my mosaics now, fresh inspiration keeps me exploring.

I am self taught.

In 2010 I acquired a welder and have learned to weld, changing everything again. I incorporate rusty steel with delicate ceramics, glass and mirror.

I’m learning that I am not stuck to a particular medium, one thing leads to another, it’s only learning new tools to express myself.

Doors keep opening. Last year I was introduced to the possibility of bronze. Well, how exciting is that, I have several small figures made and a few bronze bells.

As we speak, glass is fusing in my newest aquisition, a small fusing kiln.

You may see my work in my home garden-gallery at the Artful Lodger  in Winlaw BC